Ready for your journey?

Reinvention is beautiful.
The journey, however, can be a little messy. I can help.

Reinvent. from the core.

Coaching for forward-stepping leaders levelling up for a brighter, stronger tomorrow.

Alignment, yes. Sameness no!
Fit is everything –We want to strike a balance between alignment and just the right blend of creative tension.

So let’s prioritize alignment and energy. We want to align on the big juicy ways of how we see and move through the world, with enough contrast to ignite, energize and create traction.

A few things I believe to be true:
  • We are all capable of the incredible.
  • Mindset truly matters.
  • Action is critical.
  • Accountability creates structure.
  • Structure creates freedom.
And a few things I promise:
  • To show up. Fully & truthfully.
  • To challenge you powerfully & beautifully.
  • To be a safe & confidential place to grow.
  • To call you on your shit when I see it (lovingly of course!).

Ready to go deep? Me too.

I’m ready to lean into this with you. Together, we’ll create a structure of clarity and growth as you reinvent yourself as the powerful being that you are.

A little insight into who I am.

  • Dad
  • Runner & hiker
  • Cold water plunger
  • Health, fitness & nutrition
  • Certified Business Coach
  • Continuous self growth
  • Brand Strategist
Dad Runner & hiker Cold water plunger Health, fitness & nutrition Certified Business Coach Continuous self growth Brand strategist

Curious? Have a burning question before hopping on our clarity call? Send a quick note.

LEAN IN. Let’s go!

Dig DeepA Brand Reinvention Journey

Get ready to completely reinvent your business with Dig Deep!

Over nine weeks, we’ll work together to co-create a powerful brand strategy, visual identity package (or refresh), and brand experience strategy that will turn your customers into loyal fans.

Let’s build a stronger, brighter tomorrow. Together.

Brand Builder Coaching

For business leaders ready to level things up.

Combining a unique blend of business coaching, marketing, creativity, design expertise, and strategic thinking, we’ll craft clarity on where you are now, what’s working and what isn’t, along with where you are headed and put a plan in place to get there.

Focused on clarity, action and integration. Borrowing practices from the world of athletics, we’ll be working with a model of periodization: Three weeks of build/growth, one week to rest, integrate, digest and level up. Then back into building.

Coaching packages are available in two, three and six commitments, with prices starting at $2,800 *CAD*.

Ready to explore our fit? Let’s hop on a call!

Reinvention Journey For Men

Crafted specifically for men who are waking up, demanding more from themselves in all areas, owning their shit, and ready to lean into life.

We’ll dig into how you’re showing up as a man in the world, using frameworks and resources rooted in transformational men’s work, shadow work, and pair it all with coaching focused on showing up fully for yourself, the people in your life, and your business. We’ll create a container of openness, integrity, accountability, and transparency that will allow us to go deep, lean in and fully integrate along the way to create deep transformation.

We’ll work together on your clarity, purpose, mission, and core values as a man. And together, we’ll open up the next chapter of your life as the best, healthiest and incredible man you can be.

Coaching packages are available two, three, and six month commitments with prices starting at $2,800 *CAD*. You can choose to make monthly payments at the beginning of each month, or pay the package fee in full.

Ready dude? Me too. Let’s roll!

Ready for your journey?

Let’s roll.


  • His collaborative approach, his go-the-extra-mile attitude, his strategy and design expertise all made for an exceptional experience.
    –Anna, Retire Solo
  • I can't recommend Reuben Butterfield enough. He is a community-minded, talented communicator and graphic artist.
    –Paul, HeroWork